WordPress 2 Issues

As I had to write patches for WordPress 1.x to address a few issues, I was fully expecting to have to do this all again. One issue, that of identical link names for comments, has been addressed in the new version, so that patch is no longer required. However, the issue right next to it (the Edit link) is still broken and requires the same change, but this time on line 219 of template-functions-links.php.

The above is a fairly minor issue; the new post editor, however is positively ghastly – there's actually a delay in my typing and the text appearing on-screen, like I'm working on a 4800bps connection to a machine in Outer Mongolia. Also, it uses pop-up windows – possibly no worse than the previous JavaScript pop-up dialogues from an accessibility point of view, but slower. My patch for quicktags.js doesn't seem to have any effect (it added a link title dialogue – which has been addressed in the new version – and an abbr dialogue) in the new editor.

As I generally hand-code HTML, I may do nothing about this but, if it really starts to get on my nerves, I will compare the post.php from the old version with the new, make any neccessary changes, and use that.

I may even dump this JavaScript “enhanced” stuff entirely and hand-code in a nice, simple, HTML textarea.

Sufficient to say, I haven't tried accessing this with Lynx yet, otherwise you would probably be able to hear the screams, wherever you are…

UPDATE: The ghastly new editor can be turned off – there's a little check box in the user options (Users->Personal Options->Use the visual rich editor when writing page). The new still lacks of the old, to my mind, so I will probably be using a hacked WP 1.x post.php, when I get the time to do the actual hacking…