Wine and Cheese

Tableau of wine, cheese and crackers

When not quite sated after a good meal, wine and cheese is always a winner for me. I have tried various combinations of wines and cheeses but there is one constant amongst the variables, the one piece of England that I cannot give up: Table Water Crackers from Carr’s of Carlisle.

Cheese-wise, no matter what I have available, I like Edith’s Cheese from the Woodside Cheese Wrights to be part of the selection. Edith is described by the makers as: “A traditional French-style goats milk cheese rolled in vine ash. As a young cheese, Edith is mild and balanced with a slight hint of a creamy blue flavour.”

As regards the wine, my two current favourites are Old Sleepy from Thorogoods of Burra – actually a cider – and Tim Smith’s Grenache Mataro Shiraz, a truly excellent wine. (Note: Tim’s site was last spotted by Google in April 2005, but appears to be off-line at the moment. Please leave a comment on this post if you find it working and I’ll remove this text.)