When will you get better?

I thought that I had finished my BADD writings until, going through the links from Diary of a Goldfish (from whence BADD emerged), I chanced on a post that struck a chord with me.

The writer of Croneway describes a situation where she is always asked: “when are you going to get better?”

I suffer – or at least would suffer – from severe sleep apnoea; when the condition was untreated, my life was sheer hell. Now I sleep hooked up to a CPAP machine, a little air compressor that keeps my airway open as I sleep. If I did not use this machine, I would be looking at all sorts of problems, not being able to drive, operate power tools, use ladders being the least of them, a somewhat reduced life expectancy being at the other end of the list. People know I use CPAP but don’t seem to understand the concept of “have to use it forever”, so I keep getting asked “do you still use that machine thing at night?”

I get the feeling that this may be a common experience for those with any form of disability or ongoing medical condition – people might ask you about it, but rarely to they listen.