Welcome to Autumn 2007

For those who follow the rather pointless and arbitrary civil seasons of Australia, it is now Autumn (Fall, to those in the USA). An article in the CSIRO’s ECOS magazine that I read some while back commented on how European settlers had try to impose their (admittedly inverted) Northern Hemisphere seasons on a continent where things just work differently, now all the more so, given climate change. It was suggested that maybe we should align with a more traditional, Aboriginal, scheme that actually used six seasons which started based on observations, rather than calendar dates.

Be that as it may it is, officially, Autumn. We have now left Summer behind, and the hottest February in 100 years. I can believe that, even if I have only lived here for for six percent of that time.

Nights are now becoming cool (below twenty degrees Celsius) and bearable. No longer do we need to run the ceiling fan all night, or even sleep out of the covers. Days, too, are now more bearable – we have not had to run the air conditioner now for three days. (I suffer from extremely poor temperature regulation, so environmental control is a must.)

In just over a fortnight, we will be encountering the Equinox, the shortening of days, and descent into Winter. Thankfully, we have had a couple of birds come down the chimney, removing the chore of having to clean it. Yes, it will be back to roaring fires, thick, savoury stews and other Winter delights before we know it.

Note to self: nearly time to order the Winter sherry (warning: Flash-based site, may not be accessible to all).