Violence Against Women Stops Here

The title of this post may be an unrealistic expectation, but it’s a good thing to work towards. I am breaking a personal rule in writing this – never to post in anger – but I have been sufficiently upset on this, of all days, to publish and be damned. Social inclusion is one of my core tenets, so I am not going to let this pass unmarked.

Today, in Australia, is White Ribbon Day –  “White Ribbon Day celebrates the culmination of the annual campaign and global recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  As such, men and women are encouraged to wear a symbolic white ribbon on 25 November.”

I signed the oath, and didn’t think too much of it; to me, raising my hand against a woman, and especially a loved one, is a concept I find totally alien. I really cannot get my head around how anyone can physically abuse a partner. (Note: I’m talking partners here, as this appears to be where the bulk of abuse is happening. Sickening? Yes!) But, the thing is, I thought I should sign the oath because it’s something I can be seen to be doing, rather than just an (invisible) personal attitude. It’s about standing up, putting up your hand, and showing solidarity.

This is the oath: “I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.” Is that so very hard?

Australia isn’t  exactly coming up tops where human rights are concerned – and I won’t even start on the list there. But today – let’s make it special. Let’s try to get this ONE issue into the light, recognise that violence against women never is, never was, never will be, acceptable, and be active in this respect.