To Begin at the Beginning*

Everyone and his cat seemed to have a ‘blog – except for me; after a fair period of incapacity from illness, I’m scheduled to start getting better tomorrow and what better way to celebrate my new life than to blog it?

Firstly, I have to get my head around blogger and its ‘orrible WYSWIG text editor (give me vi any day). I might end up using vi and doing a cut’n’paste into the ‘blog form. Got to be reasonably careful with my code – Blogger’s content management system is liable to muck up my (supposedly) well-formed XHTML.

First task is to do some heavy editing on the template, so that my blog can pass at least a basic accessibility test, and use an external stylesheet. After I’ve done all that, I’ll read the documentation and probably have to do it again…

So, if you’ve got so far and are irked that there is nothing here to read, may I suggest that you peruse my personal site? I have been told that my Holiday 2000 section (an early blog, actually) is rather droll, although not very accessible to screen reader users.

Ciao for now.

* From “Under Milk Wood”, Dylan Thomas