The End of Network Computing as I Know It

Previously, I have mentioned the D2OL project. Team Canada is now Team Commonwealth and has my full support, but I think that enough is enough with the D2OL project.

The project is a great idea, but seems to have a very poor business/administration model, has done very little to market itself and has, consequently, no funds to maintain its very unstable hardware infrastructure. The project, as I see it, is unsustainable and I cannot see it having a future. The administrators are all but insulting of those contributing computer time – little to no feedback on what their efforts are doing and little in the way of apologies for ever-increasing server outages.

Once I have uploaded my next lot of completed tasks, which I cannot do due to yet another outage, I will be wiping the D2OL software from my machines and looking for another, better conceived, better administered, more robust and – above all – Open Source project to which I can donate my spare computer time. Projects of whimsy, such as calculating prime numbers or looking for aliens need not apply. Humanitarian and/or hard science projects – call me.