Testing: PostNuke

In a previous article, I started looking at Plone, in my continuing search for an accessible Content Management System (CMS) – or at least, one that I could make accessible. This failed my " install and makes sense in under 1 hour" test; a comment on my original post says "Plone has the burden of Zope" – too right. As I have no plans to learn Python anyway, I decided to move on. I will re-visit only if someone who is paying me requests Plone/Zope specifically.

As I am comfortable around PHP (although I still prefer Perl), I am having a look at PostNuke.

First impressions – not too good; the official site is hard to navigate, although I am assessing it from an accessibility/usability viewpoint, which tends to make me rather fussy. It took me two goes to find the software download and considerable time to find the installation documentation (I wish they'd put it all on SourceForge). Still, this is down to the styling and design of the site (content), not the CMS, in which I'm interested.

I am currently mired down in the installation process; the documentation (when I eventually found it) tells me that I only need a couple of file permissions to get working; wrong-o! I've posted to the support forum, so have stopped the clock on the " install and makes sense in under 1 hour" test for now.

I will edit this post later to pass on my conclusions; I still have Drupal, PHPWebsite and CMSimple to look at (after that I write my own).

Update: support forum reply post got a quick reply, suggested corrupted download. Tried again, although nearly gave up just trying to find the download link through Lynx – navigation of the PostNuke site is very poor – still can't install.

Conclusion: I will not be testing or reviewing PostNuke. It may be a good system, but poor usability of the web site, sketchy documentation, coupled with the fact that the software doesn't work "out of the box" – unlike other quality, Open Source, PHP software like WordPress and Serendipity – means I will not be investing further time on it.