Tea Heaven

I have been a tea drinker since I was a wee laddie. How many gallons of the stuff I have drunk in over quarter of a century, I dread to think.

Since coming to Australia, I have sourced most of my teas from Adelaide, principally Kim Wang’s Asian supermarket at the Central Market.

Last week, I finished the last of my Temple of Heaven Gunpowder (I buy it by the half kilo) and was distressed to find that the spare I though was in the cupboard was actually the one I had just finished.

With no trip to Central Market planned for the near future, I started to investigate obtaining my teas online. eBay turned up far less than I expected. Further searching finally brought me to teas.com.au, from whom I ordered a couple of full-sized packets of tea, and a couple of sample packs. So, not only do we get our coffee online, but our tea as well. (My tea – my wife does not drink it.)

So, for the first time, I am trying white teas, green teas that I have never heard of, and am renewing the acquaintance of Nilgiri – one of my favourites.

I am now in tea heaven.