Stockland, revisited

Ten years ago, I considered creating a personal web page but could not really think of anything to say about myself; instead, I created a site about Stockland, my local village.

Now living quite some way from Stockland – about 10,100 miles (about 16,000 kilometres) in fact – I have revisited the Stockland web site and have made several “technological” updates.

The most significant update has been made to the Tour; this provides a photographic tour through the village and beyond. The original version, a monstrosity in JavaScript, has been replaced by a far more accessible version, written entirely in Perl, with a MySQL backend. The focus is on the image files – all other parts, titles, adjacent images, are stored as metadata, furthering my aims towards producing fully semantic (web) applications.

Enough of the techo-talk: go have a look at this beautiful village, which will now be in the full bloom of Spring. (In the real world, that is; not on the web site.)