I have just released the code for my sql-o-matic at Perl Monks.

This is a partial version of a re-write of a system that I have been using for a few years to eliminate much reptitive coding by generating both SQL and Perl code directly from a database schema.

The new version is different from previous ones in two ways:

  1. It runs from the command line rather than as a web application.
  2. Rather than generating MySQL statements that are run from Perl, SQL is provided to create stored procedures.  Perl subroutines to call these stored procedures are also provided.

The code that I have released is not my finished version of sql-o-matic.  There is more work to be done on this and it will not be going on public release since what I will be doing from now on will not be creating universal code, but code that is very specific to my own coding standards and modii operandi.