Spiced Fruit Buns

My head too fuddled by a nasty cold to do any programming, my wife has asked me to make a batch of my fruit buns (muffins to those in the USA). As I'm still only writing the introduction page of my cookbook, I thought I would share the recipe.

Note – this recipe is actually a form of bread rather than cake as such.

4g dried yeast, 50g oat bran, 200g wholemeal flour, 200g bakers flour (white bread flour), 30g olive oil, 300-350ml luke warm water, teaspoon ground cinnamon/cassia, teaspoon ground cardamom, pinch saffron strands, rubbed until broken. Make dough, work well, rise; knead, rise again. Add 250g good quality mixed, dried fruit, mix in well, divide into 8-10 buns, glaze with beaten egg white. Bake at 180° Celcius until ready.

The above assumes some bread making experience. Can also be made into a loaf in a bread machine – just add everything but the fruit to the machine, set to 'rasin beep' or equivalent mode, add fruit when it beeps, let the machine worry about the rest. We prefer it in bun form.