Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!

I am so glad that I have started to use my 'blog again; I had forgotten the joy that deleting all the 'spam' comments can bring!

Checking the WHOIS information, most seem to be coming from the Ukraine at present; Russian Mafia at work?

The balance of products being pushed seems to have changed; the Generic Vagra is still very much in evidence, but there seem to be a lot of mobile phone ring tones on offer as well.

This brings me to something that I cannot understand – why anyone would not only go to the trouble of downloading a ring tone for a mobile phone, but actually pay for that dubious privilege. It's a telephone – you need to know that someone is calling you, not have an uplifting aesthetic experience (a mobile phone ring tune could only be so for someone who has just spent the last decade in a sensory deprivation tank).

Please note – if you should want to comment on this post, the word 'ringtone' is taboo.

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