Smiffy’s Weather Page


Note – this page is rather out of date and will be revised soon may get revised one day. Heck, I haven’t used SuSE or Fedora in over 5 years. Debian FTW.


This page is about my weather projects – software and hardware. Hardware-wise, my main focus is on instruments interfaced to Dallas 1-Wire® devices.
My current weather may be viewed if everything is working properly!
Please note that times quoted are for South Australia.
My latest addition to my system is the addition of my 1-Wire® beer thermometer. I have also created a year-to-date rainfall report that is created when the current weather report runs (every ten minutes).

I do the majority of my work under Linux (SuSE on most machines,
Fedora on my web server.)
Most of the applications I work with and develop are web-based, using the
Perl programming language and the MySQL database.

For any projects requiring microcontrollers (in other words, when it’s quicker
to use a generic board and do all the real work in software), I use
Atmel AVR devices, programming in C and using the
GCC compiler.

The last major revision to this page was made 2005-01-10.

Weather Software

  • My current weather software – I am currently working
    with Nathan Parker’s software; this link is to the files containing
    my modifications and additions.
  • dalweathdb-2.2
    Nathan Parker’s 1-Wire® weather software using the MySQL
  • Raincalc – Software I’m developing
    for calculations for rainwater storage, stormwater management, etc.
    Soon to include geo-referenced rainfall data for the whole of
    South Australia. This is a CGI
    application based on Perl and MySQL
  • Digitemp is Brian Lane’s 1-Wire®
    weather software for Linux/Unix. Brian’s site also has some handy information
    that I used when I first started wiring things up.
    I believe that Digitemp has a DOS version and Windows versions available,
    the latter being unsupported. There is a Digitemp mailing list.
  • OWW – Simon Melhuish’s
    One Wire Weather software for Linux and RiscOS. Whilst it doesn’t suit
    my long-term purposes, I found OWW very handy for getting my original weather
    station off the ground. Both GUI
    and non-GUI versions available.
  • >WServer – Arne Henrkisen’s 1-Wire® weather software for Windows.
    Unsupported (old) freeware version plus fully supported shareware version.
    I haven’t used this myself (I don’t use Windows), but know Arne through
    the 1-Wire® mailing list and know that, like Brian and Simon, he
    provides good, timely, support for his product.

Weather Hardware

  • My Weather Station
  • AAG Electronica – this Mexican company
    produces a whole range of 1-Wire® hardware. I am using the AAG
    1-Wire Weather Instrument. This device is extraordinarily good
    value for money, even taking into account international shipping.
  • >My Lightning Detector

General Resources