Smiffy’s (Gourmet) Bacon and Egg Pie


When I was a child, I used to be fed something called bacon and egg pie. I later heard of this referred to as quiche, which sounded a bit posh and nobby for such a humble dish. The recipe presented here follows the bacon and egg pie/quiche concept but is gluten-free, having no pastry crust, and fairly low-carbohydrate, for the same reason.

This dish composes 2 parts:

The Filler

Bacon, onion, and other vegetables are chopped fairly finely and fried in olive oil. This could be a full-blown ratatouille, if you fancy. The important thing here is to cook until nearly all the water has evaporated; we do not want a wet filler to go with our egg mixture.

I have made 2 version of this dish – one with fresh tomato in the filler; the alternative is to add tomato paste to the egg mixture. If using fresh tomato, just observe the caveat of getting rid of the water.

The Eggs

To fill my pie dish, I require 8 eggs, about 100g of goat milk yoghurt and a generous pinch of salt. Yes, other types of yoghurt may be used, but a good goat milk yoghurt lends a savoury flavour that others cannot. Yoghurt should be either set or fairly thick – watery will have a potentially adverse affect on texture.

Egg/yoghurt mixture is beaten thoroughly with a hand-whisk. A mild but flavoursome, hard cheese is grated into this mixture (I use the goat cheese, Chevrette.) The cooked bacon and vegetables are now stirred into this mixture. If using tomato paste, this goes in now.


Mixture is transferred to a greased pie dish and into the oven. In my fan oven, I cook this at 175° Celsius. This dish should rise as it cooks, from the outside in. Once it is risen evenly to the middle, it is cooked.

Serving Suggestions & Variations

Serve with chips and/or salad, or just on its own. Goes with a wide variety of wines or dry cider.

If you want a meat-free variant, leave out the bacon and use a stronger-flavoured cheese to maintain the savoury nature of the dish.

Whilst the dish is risen and light (at least mine turns out that way,) separating the eggs and beating the whites separately before whisking all together should make it even lighter.