SmiffyCMS Toolkit, the software behind Smiffy’s place, is part of a development process to produce an accessible CMS/blogging application.

Whilst and Smiffy’s Place will continue to be the development area for this software, I am assembling the SmiffyCMS Toolkit, a set of PHP modules based on the best of and the most flexible parts of

SmiffyCMS Toolkit will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license. The Toolkit will not be an easy-to-implement CMS solution like Drupal, but will form the means by which bespoke CMS systems may be produced, without having to work from first principles. Documentation will be limited to code comments as I will be selling the creation of bespoke CMS solutions, based on the toolkit, as a service.


This is a list of some of the features that SmiffyCMS Toolkit will inherit from

  • The Slvg Lookup concept for handling redirect URIs and looking after obsolete URIs from legacy content.
  • Inclusion of fields in main page record for Dublin Core metadata.
  • Inclusion of a field in the main page for the URI of
    an audio equivalent of the content. This would be rendered
    both as <link rel="alternate"/> in the page
    header and as a link with optional icon in the page body. (None of this would appear if the URI were left blank.)
  • Automatic creation of a Google sitemap on page creation (can be over-ridden by the author).
  • When page categories are implemented (as with blogs), default metadata may be assigned to categories, which will be added to the dc.subject field, when the page is displayed. These will also be added to the list of categories for a page in an RSS2.0 feed.
  • Automatic creation of RSS (2.0) and RDF (RSS 1.0) feeds for categories and data ranges (mostly of interest for blogs, news and more dynamic pages).
  • Ability to integrate PHP CGI applications into the page template. (They would be run under the main programme, the functions being pulled in from an include file.) These would not be modules – remember, this is a toolkit; they would form
    part of the bespoke application.
  • Integrated RSS aggregation – create pages from feeds. (This was planned for Smiffy’s Place but has not happened as yet.)


SmiffyCMS Toolkit should be available in some shape or form early in the second quarter of 2007.