Smiffy on Flickr

Smiffy is now on Flickr, the photo-sharing, social-networking site.

Whilst I have browsed through Flickr on previous occasions, I have never had a strong reason to become engaged with it. Now, however, I think the time is ripe; I have a mobile phone with a built-in camera, and Flickr would appear to be the place to store my pictures, whilst looking at other camera phone pictures for inspiration.

Although my phone has the same resolution imager as my old Olympus compact digital camera, it lacks the quality optics, is almost impossible to hold steady, only works well in bright light, has little manual control – I could go on. However, as I have the camera, I am going to experiment and, whilst I will not be expecting to take any clear, sharp, pictures, will be looking at how this gadget can be used to create Art.