Scrambled Eggs

For various reasons, I am unable to eat carbohydrate in the morning. As I’m not up for burning large chunks of meat at 0600, breakfast tends to be either omelette or scrambled eggs. Unless I have tasty omelette filling, I have been tending towards scrambled eggs for a good morning taste experience. The only disadvantage of scrambled eggs is the state of the saucepan afterwards. I cook in a stainless saucepan on low heat and always end up with a thin veneer of wasted egg stuck to the bottom of the pan.

After a particularly good batch of egg fried rice – the first time that I have got the texture spot-on for my taste – I wondered whether the wok might be a better vessel for the preparation of scrambled eggs.

I should point out that I do not have a traditional wok – my wife did not like my old "yucky" spun-steel six-dollar Chinese wok and obtained a Scanpan model with some kind of ceramic non-stick coating. Whether this would work in an ordinary wok, I know not, but I was able to scramble eggs hotter, faster, with no adherence to pan or bowl and with a better texture than ever before.

My wife and I both prefer these wok scrambled eggs and I certainly like being able to clean the cooking vessel with little more than a quick wipe.

As they say, your mileage may vary.