Still investigating content management systems, I have now installed MediaWiki on my server. (10 out of 10 for ease of installation!) This is the same engine that powers the awesome Wikipedia online encyclopoedia.

In order to put it to the test, I assigned it the task of running my SciSalvage project – one that I started last year, writing my own software; it got shelved when I got ill.

So far, I haven't done much on assessing accessibility, but I am very please at how easy it is to manage.

A Bit on SciSalvage

SciSalvage is a site designed to form a knowledgebase of information on how various bits of junk can be recycled for scientific (amateur or otherwise) purposes. When I first announced the idea last year, a good dozen people registered interest; let's hope that it now proves to be a useful resource. At least I know the technology is good – it must be to support something the size of Wikipedia.

Update: I have managed to submit an entry to the wiki using Lynx (a text browser) – this bodes well for getting the system accessible.