Rice Worms!

rice noodles

Chinese New Year was upon us, so I decided to do something with noodles. The only gluten-free noodles that I could find in the pantry were some sort of rice vermicelli, which I was later told was pretty ghastly anyway. Whilst I had made reasonably successful gluten-free pastas before with maize (corn) and amaranth (not in the same batch), rice was a new venture for me.

2 cups (200ml cups, that is) of rice flour, a teaspoon of guar gum and two eggs yielded a not-too-sticky dough that was ideal for the pasta extruder. Whilst my extruder lacks a die for any form of noodles or spaghetti, it does have one for very small maccharoni (probably maccharonininini or something) which I used to produce my ‘rice worms’.

There was little problem with the extruded and cut pasta sticking to itself or the plate so I was able to dry it on a tea towel without having to be careful to keep the pieces separate.

As this pasta is a little more physically delicate than the wheat variety, I added it to my chicken chow mein after the vigorous stir-frying had been done and actually let it cook by steaming, with the lid on the wok.

The result was very nice indeed – both of us enjoying it immensely.

It does take a fair bit of effort to make pasta like this – at least it does when I do it – but the yield of the batch was a large one so there was enough left over for Jane’s lunch the next day, which justifies the time spent. Larger batches would probably be even more economical on time, allowing me to prepare enough for a few meals, most going in the freezer.