About Raincalc

Raincalc is a calculator for rainwater harvesting and has for some time been the most popular page on Smiffy’s Place.

Future developments will involve fee-for-service calculations using geo-referenced historical rainfall data.

New: Offline RainCalc Java

On request from a charitable organisation in India, I have re-written RainCalc in Java, so that it can be run directly on "ordinary" computers, without requiring an Internet connection. New features include the availability of more area units for drainage calculations (hectares, acres), the ability to set chart resolutions and the number of lines in a chart. The output can be copied to the system Clipboard of the host computer, to be pasted into e-mails, word processor documents, etc.

This new version is available free of charge, at my discretion, to charitable organisations involved in getting fresh water to those who need it. If you think that this is you, please contact me, telling me about your organisation and project.

For other purposes, licenses for this software are available for a small charge. Once again, please get in touch if interested.

A commercial version with the facility to save data and projects, as well as performing consumption calculations, will be available in the fairly near future; estimated cost, around $100 AUD.