Project Noddwr Gets a Home

Project Noddwr, as described in a previous post, now has its own home at The site is a bit of an experiment – it is my first use of the Drupal content management system.

Don't expect to find too much there yet – “real” work comes first and even that has ground to a temporary halt as Smiffy's got the Dreaded Lurgy. (Note to non-South Australians and for posterity: there's so much Lurgy going around Adelaide at the moment that the already weak medical system is stretched to its limits. This current batch was brought home by my wife from a dog show.)

Update, May 2007

In the two years since this post was originally written, ill-health (not the lurgy mentioned above) has prevented me from pursuing this project. Please see the post The Fate of Project Noddwr for follow-up information.