Project Honeypot: Closed for Maintenance

I paid Project Honeypot a visit this morning to get instructions for the http:BL facility and found the site closed for maintenance.  The explanation is that there are insufficient resources available to run the honeypot system and the public site (at least that is my interpretation).  Did I, as a member, receive a mail saying “help, we’re running at our limits, can anyone mirror the site”?  No.  Is there any indication of the URIs that we need to find the documentation in the Google cache?  No.

I am thorougly unimpressed as I was, this very morning, about to implement http:BL in an application that I am writing – it allows user-submitted URIs to be checked against a blacklist of “spamvertised” and phishing sites and the like and return a risk level that can be used to determine what to do with the submitted data.  Very useful tool – but hard to implement without the instructions and my access key.  (Even the members-only area of the site is out of commission).

Whilst I appreciate that the project may have resource issues, this smells to me like a case of management incompetence.


— Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells.