Pork Pie

I was starting off on the production of a meatloaf, but found that I had more pork that I would normally use in a beef/pork combination, but not enough pork to make two meals. With the pork already coarsely chopped, I tried a different tack.

With the pork at a pork pie coarseness (and about half a kilo of it), I added a ladle of fresh (still hot) chicken stock, large pinch of salt, pepper ground on fine, teaspoon of whole-grain Dijon mustard (end of the jar), dessert spoon of smooth Dijon mustard, dessert spoon of garlic purée, an egg, a cup of coarse polenta, a small dash of liqueur tokay – all into silicone (flexible) bread pan, whole beaten egg poured on top to keep it moist. Baked for just under an hour at 150° Celsius.

This went down very well with chips (real ones, made from potato) and College White from Sevenhill Cellars (warning: Web site with poor accessibility), the Clare Valley’s outstanding Jesuit winery.