Plain Vanilla


Having given up on making sugar-free ice creams, I have gone back to basics and am in the process of making a batch of “plain vanilla”.


  • 900ml A2 milk
  • 400ml thick cream
  • 250g caster sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • vanilla essence to taste (I used 6ml in this batch)


Whisk together until well mixed, then run through the ice cream machine in as many batches as it takes. In our machine, this looks like it will be two-and-a-bit batches, so I will make one full batch, then divide the rest into two roughly equal batches.


I managed to fit the three batches into a couple of 1 litre storage containers. Tasted good cleaning out the bowl, texture was about right.

Finished product: close to perfect.

Allergens & Other Nasties

  • Milk Proteins – despite claims that A2 milk may be less allergenic than that commonly available, this may not be the case. I know that I have far better tolerance of sheep and goat milk cheeses than cows milk cheeses, but whether ?-casein is involved, I know not.
  • Lactose
  • Eggs


Having just about polished off the first litre of this ice cream, I have decided that the next batch should have more cream and less milk to give a better texture. A little more vanilla essence would probably go down well, too. (I like a lot of vanilla flavour in my vanilla ice cream.)