Perl 5.10 Now Available

Well, this is good news and no mistake – Perl 5.10 is now available!  Perl 5.10 has (or is supposed to have) a faster interpreter than 5.8 and previous, with a smaller memory footprint but for me the most exciting thing is that finally we get a switch statement.  The slightly confusing thing is that it’s not called ‘switch’, it’s called ‘given’.  It appears that this is a feature that was designed for Perl 6 but since Perl 6 is the ultimate in ‘vaporware’, it has been ported to Perl 5, which actually exists in the Real World.

The new switch (or given) statement relies on the new smart match operators – don’t ask me how they work yet because Perl 5.10 has yet to appear in Gentoo Portage, so I don’t have it on my machines.  Soon though, and l am certainly looking forward to it.

And lo, there was much rejoicing!