Parade Thai Restaurant, Norwood

A Long-Time Favourite

My wife and I have been eating at the Parade Thai for several years now, just about since I first came to Australia. We discovered it whilst visiting the Adelaide suburb of Norwood around lunchtime. There were two Thai restaurants to choose from; from the outside, one was all glass, stainless and glitzy, the other small and very slightly shabby. In my gastronomic travels, I had generally found the latter type of establishment to be a common hallmark of good food, and the Parade Thai, which I chose of the two, proved to be no exception.

We have always enjoyed the food on offer, found the service very friendly and generally quick. It is no coincidence that we try to schedule any appointments in Adelaide for Wednesday or Thursday, when this fine establishment is open for lunch. (Also open Friday, but not a good day to get out of the city.)

Gluten Free?

In the months since my wife was diagnosed with coeliac disease, eating out options have become extremely limited. Not so with our old favourite. After eating the same dish known to be gluten-free on several visits, my wife enquired as to what else might be available – expecting not a lot. We were, however, shown a list of no less than 21 dishes which could all be prepared as gluten-free. Sadly, this does not include her favourite chicken satay, but we were nevertheless impressed by the choices available.

Added to this is the fact that the staff are actually knowledgeable about gluten-free (and they have the list, of course). This is a considerable improvement on all the establishments where we get an “er, I’ll have to ask the chef” – generally followed by a ten-minute wait.

The one thing that I would like to see is for the menus to be marked up somehow to indicate “can be made gluten-free”, which would make choosing easier. (And quicker – important to me when I am already getting hypoglycaemic.)


I have rated the Parade Thai as “highly recommended”, and would now just add “for coeliacs too”.

Parade Thai Restaurant


128 The Parade,Norwood 5067 South Australia.
Phone: (08) 8364 4243


To the best of my knowledge, but should be confirmed with the Parade Thai directly: Lunch: 1200-1400 Wednesday through Friday; Dinner 1730-2200.

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