Papa Ratzi and the Paparazzi

Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, has become known affectionately as “Papa Ratzi”, in other words, Pope Ratzi (or Father Ratzi, depending on how you translate it). He has thanked the media for their coverage of the election process.

It just strikes me that Papa Ratzi sounds very much like Paparazzi – does this mean that he’ll be having to dodge photographers throughout the corridors of the Vatican? Possibly not; it remains to be seen if his relationship with the world media is as close as that of his predecessor. I’m sure that it will be more dignified, however, than the British monarchy.

If you ever wondered where the term paparazzi came from, it was Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”; see what Wikipedia has to say about this.

Update: According to this article, the nickname stems from a somewhat insalubrious source, Britain’s Sun newspaper. (Link may contain adult/offensive material.) So, perhaps the similarity is not so amusing after all.