Pains au Chocolat

pains au chocolat
Photograph of cover of 'Comment Faire Son Pain'

My wife and I love pain au chocolat, and I eat it despite my dairy allergy (pre-dosing with antihistamine required!). However, it's been a long time since we've been able to get hold of any and France is 10000 miles away.

Having just obtained a copy of 'Comment faire son pain' (how one makes bread) through Amazon's French site, I thought I would give this a go myself. Some twenty hours from start to finish (much of that rising and resting time), the finished product was well worth the effort.

To those who claim that the preparation of Viennoise type breads is difficult, I will borrow a phrase from my IT background and say "Read That Fine Manual". Follow instructions and all should be OK.

Regarding the book, if you can read French, I would recommend it to any aspiring "Artisan Boulangers". When 55 flour is called for, I use Allied Mills Superb Bakers Flour. (I get this in 10kg sacks at a very good price from Gaganis Brothers in Hindmarsh.)