No Comment, No More!

This blog is finally open for comments, through my new BackChat programme. Hoorah! Yes, I have nearly finished writing the software; it's been a long haul, but we're there.

I have spent the last hour trying to iron out the bugs; the system seems to be taking comments and doing things as it should. So far. We will see.

To help stem the tide of comment spam, an e-mail verification process is used for first-time commenters. Those with known e-mail addresses (provided they are not blocked as spammers) are not required to go through this process.

There is also a strict process – the comment module can only be accessed if referred by a blog page allowing comments, or from itself. This is achieved by using an MD5 digest of the post ID and other data which I will refrain from disclosing. The HTTP Referrer is just to unreliable for this job.

The general idea is to get spammers to file Smiffy's Place in the Too Hard basket, although I await the challenge of seeing by what means they try to circumvent my security.