National Des!

This is a little bit of a departure from the normal subject matter of Smiffy’s Place – I don’t normally "gossip" about people I know, but here I must make an exception.

My ability to prepare good meals is due very much to the quality of the ingredients that I use; the quality of the meats with which I have cooked since coming to Australia have been second to none. Credit for this goes to our butcher, Des Waters. Des has always been sympathetic to my sometimes awkward demands, obliging and wholly professional.

In addition to supplying meats the way I want them, Des has always been a great maker of smallgoods – predominately of a German style.

Some while back, Des won a state-wide competition for said smallgoods, going on to a final last week in Perth, Western Australia.

Whilst he didn’t bring home first prize, I am very proud to announce that our butcher is the second best in all of Australia!

Kudos to him – let’s hope this isn’t an excuse to put the prices up!