Media Circus: Schapelle Corby

The whole case has been a complete media circus, with massive support for Corby (at least in Australia). The TV equivalent of the tabloid press, Channel 9 (not the only guilty party though) has, as usual, sensationalised the whole thing as “poor Aussie girl done wrong by horrible foreigners”. (Note for horrible foreigners: Australia is only as multicultural as suits the white European [British] contingent; I’ve heard the terms used to describe Aussies of non-English descent, so goodness knows what they think of the ones who are not only of foreign extraction, but actually live abroad. Just like the UK, the USA, the…)

If Corby is, as she claims, innocent and that the drugs were actually put in her luggage by airport baggage handlers (not beyond the realms of possibility), yes, gaol is a tragedy. However, I have no evidence either way, therefore I’m not making any judgements. I just love the way that half the country has suddenly become legal experts, with access to all the relevant evidence.

The real villains? Well, in my view, it’s whoever put the dope in Corby’s bag (whether a third party or her – we’ll probably never know) and the media (as usual). The winners? The media (“let’s get ratings!”) and the lawyers (“we’ll get paid no matter what – let’s see if we can stretch this out as long as Michael Jackson’s”).

My sympathy goes to Corby’s friends and family – if what was happening wasn’t bad enough, having the vultures circling and coaxing them into emotional situations really takes the biscuit.

Further sympathy to the state of Indonesia – attempts to interfere with a nation’s judiciary amount to attempts to undermine that nation’s sovereignty; a great way to treat your closest neighbour.

I won’t even put in a link about the case – if you can’t find it through Google News, you’ve probably got your computer switched off.

For speakers of en-US (including most of the populations of Australia and England): gaol is the en-GB spelling of jail.