Max Design CSS and Accessibility workshop series – May 2009

I have received a mailing from Russ Weakley (Twitter: @russmaxdesign) advising of the Max Design CSS and Accessibility workshop series being run May 2009:

Day 1: A practical guide to preparing WCAG 2 compliant websites

Roger Hudson

An all new accessibility workshop that focuses on providing practical advice to help developers and organisations comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Version 2.0.

During the day, you will learn the importance of web accessibility, how to overcome common accessibility problems, how to reduce the risk of a discrimination complaint, and the techniques for complying with essential WCAG2 Success Criteria.

Day 2: Mastering CSS and XHTML – building elegant websites

Russ Weakley

Over a full day you will build a detailed website layouts from the ground up – starting with flat graphic mockups; and ending with clean markup and elegant styled pages using XHTML/CSS.

The course will cover styling forms, writing efficient CSS, use of sprites, sliding doors, dealing with browser bugs, creating print CSS and styling for different screen sizes.


Sydney – Monday 18 May and Tuesday 19 May Canberra – Thursday 21 May and Friday 22 May Melbourne – Monday 25 May and Tuesday 26 May Brisbane – Thursday 28 May and Friday 29 May

More information: