Life Without Gluten – Introduction

Life Without Gluten is the latest category of articles to be added to Smiffy’s Place. My wife has recently discovered that she has a gluten intolerance, which has made life somewhat complicated, not only for her, when buying food or eating out, but for me, as the cook.

Living in a country where wheat is one of the main staples, the provision of gluten-free foods goes beyond a health issue; it is, in fact, an issue of social inclusion, as is the provision of foods free of other staples that contain common allergens (dairy, eggs, soy, etc).

In my Life Without Gluten series of articles, I will be sharing our experiences trying to obtain gluten-free foods, both in the supermarket and in restaurants and also any gluten-free recipes that I have developed or tested and that I deem worthy of note.

If you have experiences in this subject that you would like to share, please send e-mails to the address at the
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