Introducing: Weighty Matters

Over the last 4 months or so, I have been working on a series of articles about Weight Training and Chronic Fatigue. (I have made several attempts to start writing these, but have only managed to really get anywhere in the last week.) Whilst I have touched on Chronic Fatigue in previous articles, Weight Training is something of a new departure in my writings.

Now that the articles are nearly ready for publication, I have decided to dedicate a new Smiffy’s Place Category to them and other articles to follow: Weighty Matters. Future articles may include observations on my lifting and how it is impacted by my health situation and notes from my ongoing readings on sports nutrition and sports medicine.

Chronic illness may be a significant factor in my life, but I would like to show others in similar situations that it does not neccessarily preclude exercise which can lead to gains in strength and fitness and – I would hope – a better quality of life.