Ice Cream Too Hot

This morning saw my second attempt at making ice cream, or at least the start of the second attempt. We have a Breville (a manufacturer from whom we will not be buying anything else) ice cream machine which uses passive cooling – you have to freeze the bowl before use. This makes things a bit more difficult than with a machine that contains a refrigeration unit – the mixture has to be pre-refrigerated for some time before being introduced into the machine.

The first batch was not too impressive, partly because it was a gelato (just milk, no cream), there was a hint of scalded milk (the recipe specified boiling) and ice crystal size was a little too large, making it a bit on the crunchy side. It was also too sweet, with 200 grammes of sugar in 750 millilitres of fluid.

Today’s batch, or rather tomorrow’s batch as I have only made up the base mixture, has fifty grammes less sugar and the milk was only heated to 80° Celsius.

When cooking the mixture, I observed some granulation occurring when the temperature rose above 80° Celsius – doubtless coagulation of either milk or egg protein. If the final texture is less than desirable, I will take the next batch off the heat when the temperature reaches the high seventies.


  • 6 egg yolks
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 550ml milk
  • 2.5ml vanilla essence
  • 200g cream (to be added at the last)