I Love My Linodes Even More

A little while ago, I told of my move to Linode virtual servers. I had been tempted to go the Linode route by a hint that the available RAM on all plans was going to be doubled within a few weeks.

My RAM has now been doubled; cool. However, what I was not aware of at the time is that RAM was only the beginning of it – available disc space and bandwidth have also doubled, with my primary Linode having a whopping great 300GiB per month of included bandwidth.

Please compare this with the 1GiB inbound that I used to have on my colocated machine – worked out at about 4GiB when combined with outbound traffic. This gives me potential for 75 times the traffic I had available before.

This extra bandwidth means that I can start running tests from my Linodes that I was previously forced to do from home – my DCMetaSpider being just one that springs to mind.

Yes, now I love my Linodes even more.