Huitres aux Citrate de Sildenafil

I won’t further pollute the Web by posting links – if you can’t get it from Google, you’re probably accessing the Web via a home-made modem, part of which is a potato. To cut a long story short, a couple of guys have been feeding sildenafil citrate (brandname witheld) to oysters. This substance, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (and not without side-effects) combined with the legendary aphrodisiac properties of oysters (legendary: a thing of legend; a thing of story; not true) is making a storm with foreign buyers.

I do wish these guys luck and good fortune – the may get the latter sooner and need the former later when Pfizer, whose trademark they are violating, gets on to them. Man no mess with Big Pharma. But why did these guys not a) contact Pfizer to ask if what they wanted to say was OK and b) just call the stuff sildenafil citrate?

I’m sort of guessing that saying "contains a nice PDE5 inhibitor" doesn’t have much of a ring to it.

As an oyster aside – if you’re on the Cotentin peninsula (that’s France, for those about to dive into Google Earth), try les huitres de St Vaast.