Go, Team Canada!

Those that know me will probably raise an eyebrow at the idea of me being in a team – but this isn't sport.

For some time, on and off, the spare CPU time of my various computers has been taken helping to find drugs to treat the likes of anthrax, SARS, smallpox and malaria, as part of the D2OL initiative.

Until recently, I have been a lone “cruncher” but, just over a month ago, joined “Team Australia”, where my statistics are amalgamated with those of other team members. I was rather disappointed to find that I was the only team member who seemed to be contributing any results. The long and the short of it is that my allegiance has now moved further north in the Commonwealth and I am now batting for Team Canada, a nice friendly bunch, I have to say.

I would encourage others to think about participating in the D2OL – the software is free to download from the project site, takes little in the way of resource and, of course is making the world a safer place to live. Please don't be discouraged by the site looking like it is way out of date – this is being addressed but, more importantly, the project is very much alive and possibly of more immediate relevance than the likes of SETI at Home.