Gluten Free, With Gusto

Finding ourselves in Norwood, at lunchtime, and with the Parade Thai – our usual Norwood eatery – closed, we needed lunch.

As a diabetic, I have to eat (no skipping meals), and with my wife being gluten intolerant, it also has to be quality, gluten-free food with no cross-contamination.

When looking for a “safe” eatery, the reaction of staff to “do you serve gluten-free food?” is always a good indicator. Blank looks or having to ask the kitchen are always a bad sign. Having a plate of gluten-free cakes, handled with the same tongs as other food is also a bad sign.

Asking at Gusto Ristorante got an immediate and postitive “all our risottos are gluten-free”. That was a good sign.

We used to frequent Gusto some while back, when it was known as Sketches. After it was sold and went to the Gusto name, we felt that the quality suffered considerably and had not been back in some time. However, on this visit, we were pleasantly surprised. The food was really excellent.

Both my wife’s risotto and my home-made Ravioli ai Vitello were truly delightful.

Thus begins my documentation of “gluten-free dining in Adelaide”.

Gusto Ristorante
121 The Parade, Norwood
Telephone: 08 8364 6422