Get Fresh at the Weekend

I’m a country boy, born and bred, and have no great love of towns and cities; however, I am always glad to visit Adelaide’s Central Market.

For some time, I hadn’t been using many vegetables in meals, other than onions or what I had growing in the garden. Locally, vegetables are expensive and/or of inferior quality. During a trip to Adelaide on Thursday, I availed myself of Central Market’s “Legion of Greengrocers” (as I am wont to call the main market area). The quality of the (cheap) vegetables is amazing; comparing some bok choi to that obtained locally, my wife asked “what do the do to it here?” It’s just a shame that it’s a four hour round trip.

So far, I have made miso soup with Chinese cabbage and snake beans, and a chicken chow mein (noodles straight from pasta machine into wok) with the Central Market vegetables. This has quite revived my interested in things green.

I may well repeat the chow mein tonight, this time with beef (topside) instead of chicken and with a darker, stronger, soy sauce – the Japanese Kikkoman, as opposed to my usual Indonesian (actually made in the Netherlands) Conimex Ketjap Manis.