Georges Prosper Remi – 100 Years On

Tintin, badly drawn by Smiffy

Hergé 100

It was 100 years ago today, on the 22 May 1907, that one Georges Prosper Remi was born to the world in Etterbeek (Bruxelles), Belgium. Better known to the world as Hergé, Remi was the creator of The Adventures of Tintin. After his death in 1983, Remi left a legacy of two dozen Tintin books and several other works, which continue to delight readers to this day.

The badly-drawn Tintin (see my entry on Flickr for technical details) was done to illustrate this post. I hope that others can come up with something more appropriate – read a Tintin book, have a Tintin party, blog about Tintin/Hergé, making this special centenary something to remember.

One thing that I have learned from this is that I can’t draw a free-hand oval, even with the aid of a computer.

Update: after exploring the GIMP a little more, I found out not only how to draw an oval, but how to create construction lines on a separate layer. The result is somewhat better.

Here’s some real artwork, from Adam Koford.

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