Gentoo Configuration Files Tool

When I emerge –update –deep world on my Gentoo machines, I am left with a number of new configuration files under /etc that need to be reviewed and – sometimes – installed. The ._cfg0000_whatever filename format makes for a lot of typing when I'm doing diffs between them and the exisiting files; ditto when I rename the originals and replace them with the new ones. After doing that twice, I thought that my time might be better employed by doing a little automation. is written in Perl with a few shell calls and provides a quick way to review and accept, reject, or ignore the proposed new configuration files. The process is simple: is run, will find all ._cfg* files under /etc, and present a unified diff of each old file and the new; options are to replace the old, reject the new or just ignore (leaves things as they are). Actions are logged, and an option to save the log to a file is presented at the end. Please feel free to use this at your own risk. This was written in a hurry, for my own purposes; if it wrecks your system, drinks your precious single malt and runs off with your significant other, don't blame me. You have been warned.

That said, the programme is fairly non-destructive. All files replaced are first re-named to ${filename}.old, and any new files rejected are re-named to a more visible ${filename}.rejected.

Bugs? Probably.