Forcemeats III

The best of the best, head to head! OK, actually I’ve only made the three batches, but you get the idea…

The contenders:

  • Batch 1 – beef, pork, bacon, panade, brandy, egg
  • Batch 2 – beef, pork, lamb, durum wheat semolina, egg
  • Batch 3 – meat mix from batch 1, durum wheat semolina, brandy, egg

The big winner (and that’s my wife and the in-laws saying that as well) was Batch 1. Batch 2 was just too dry – virtually no fat and it suffered for it. I froze half of Batch 1, from which I made Batch 3; all the flavour was there, but using flour instead of bread doesn’t give quite the right texture for me. Bacon, I believe, is an essential component.

The next phase of experimentation will involve making something similar to Batch 1, then smoking it. (My excellent local butcher has given me some metwurst skins and will put whatever I bring in into his smoker.)