Fig and Apple Clafoutis


As we have a good crop of figs at the moment, tonight's dessert was a very successful experiment – fig and apple clafoutis.  This is a gluten-free recipe.


2/3rds of a cup of rice flour, one egg, just under one cup of water, small amount of vanilla essence. Add a little guar gum if you want a firmer batter.

Note that the quantity required depends on how much fruit you are using, the size of the baking dish, etcetera.


One Bramley apple ("cooking apples" in the UK; substitute an appropriate large, tart, apple if not available,) about 3 times more fresh figs by volume.


  • Oil baking dish.
  • Clean and chop fruit.
  • Add fruit to dish.
  • Add pinches of powdered cardamom, cassia (or cinnamon,) ginger.
  • Mix fruit/spice mix.
  • Add batter.
  • Mix
  • Bake at 150-175 degrees Celsius until batter is set and protruding fruit just starting to caramelise.


I had a fairly good idea what was going to come out of this but was still surprised by the variety and complexity of flavours – much of this from the figs, due to varying states of ripeness.  I used a fair bit of ginger which gave the whole thing a delightful bite.  Definitely one to repeat.