Dilbert Goes Inaccessible

It’s been nearly a month since I last looked at any online cartoons. Much to my horror, the Dilbert site has had an alleged ‘upgrade’; whilst some of the new features (user comments, enhanced searches) are a step in the right direction, the main comic is now displayed in some ghastly piece of Flash. Going back to a certain cartoon and then trying to read through up to date is not easy – I can find no link or Flash control for ‘next’ or ‘previous’ so I have had to change the URI of the current cartoon in the location bar to the next one I want to view (thanfully it uses a consistent URI scheme).

Whilst it is very hard for a cartoon to be fully accessible without a text transcript that actually reflects the humour, this latest change to the Dilbert site is now less accessible even to those who could use it before. (There is one comment on one of the cartoons complaining that Flash content is blocked on the poster’s work network so they can no longer read the cartoon at work.)

Hopefully Scott Adams will heed the comments and get something more accessible and standards-compliant implemented. Until that time, the dilbert.com has been awarded a place in my Accessibility Rogues’ Gallery.

Update: Slashdot has this to say on the matter.