Coconut and Strawberry Frozen Dessert

In my Real Coconut Ice post, I described a frozen dessert based on coconut cream. Today, I created a variant on this, with strawberries.

I have to say at this point that this is not a recipe of which I am proud – it involved opening two tins, which is two too many in my book. The result, however, was well accepted, so I will pass on this rather simple little piece for others to try.


  • One can coconut cream (ensure this is gluten-free)
  • One can strawberries in syrup (ensure that this also is gluten-free and contains no artificial colours or preservatives)
  • 120g caster sugar
  • One egg


Blend the whole lot together, then process in an ice cream machine. My batch yielded one litre, more than our ice cream machine can handle – processing in two batches was required.

Once processed, freeze. I just managed to get the two batches into a one litre freezer container, but it was a bit of a tight fit. It may be necessary to use either a larger container, or to eat enough at production time so that what remains fits in the container.

Health Aspects

Whilst this recipe contains no gluten or dairy, it contains little protein (especially if the egg is omitted) and an horrendous amount of sugar. Good for those with intolerances, possibly, but not a good one for diabetics.