Chronic Illness (of the Health System)

As a follow up to my chronic fatigue post, I can advise that the only thing chronic is the inability of so many GPs to examine patients and make effective diagnoses. Happily, I have changed doctors (and, indeed, practices) and am now working with one who actually looks at the patient (rather than at their computer), thinks critically (especially with regards to the laboratory ranges of blood tests) and diagnoses in a proper, scientific manner. My underlying problem is simple – hypothyroid. This can be fixed, and will be fixed.

After three years of ill health, wasted time, wasted money, inappropriate treatments, lost work – the end is in sight.

My faith in the medical establishment is by no means restored – at least until the methodologies of the true healers become commonplace and accountants are no longer able to interfere in the practice of medicine.

Here endeth the rant.