Chris Jarmer @ Air


Up until yesterday, we had thought that there was little in the Rundle Mall/North Terrace area of Adelaide that warranted much attention in terms of dining. Oh, there are plenty of places that offer food, but little that we would want to or be able to eat, with Jane having to eat gluten-free and me being just plain fussy.

Yesterday we found ourselves in David Jones late morning with the plan of action being eat, home. We had been past Chris Jarmer @ air any number of times and decided that this was a good time to give it a try.

We wandered in from the side entrance from David Jones (the main entrance opens onto North Terrace). We stood beside the ‘Please wait here to be seated’ sign for quite some time. And waited. After deciding that the we had either a) become invisible or – more likely – b) that the sign had been put in the wrong place, we walked over to just inside the main entrance, from where we were guided to our choice of table.

Gluten Free? Yes!

It’s the first question that we have to ask, and the answer decides whether we will stay or go elsewhere. We were delighted that our waitress was able to point out gluten-free options on the menu – we have seen our share of blank looks when asking the question. A double-check with the chef confirmed that the vegetable risotto was safe for Jane so she ordered that with chicken (available as an optional extra). I ordered a linguini with prawns with a side-dish of sliced chorizo.

And lo, it was good

The food arrived quickly and was most enjoyable. The linguini was a little light on salt for my taste, but salt can always be added – but not taken away. Whilst the meal was an enjoyable experience, more importanly we now have a good eating spot in the centre, without having to traipse over to Norwood, Central Market, or down the hill to Jolley’s Boathouse. And they serve breakfast. Did I mention that they serve breakfast? For those of us who have to get up at an unholy hour to travel to Adelaide, waiting until noon for a meal can be painful; a good breakfast establishment is a treasure to find.


…for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week and dinner Friday nights.


Chris Jarmer @ air – 210 North Terrace, Adelaide, 5000

Telephone: (08) 8305 3271 (warning: on-screen movement/Flash content)