Caveman Chemistry

Whilst Google’ing for information on brewing mead for a friend, I chanced upon Caveman Chemistry, by chemistry professor, Kevin Dunn.

The site mostly promotes Dunn’s "Cave Book", available in paper and e-book formats. Although I have only just flicked through it, this "science is fun" book really is quite excellent and I find Dunn’s idiosyncratic style highly engaging.

If you are interested in making anything from mead to paper to soap to plastics, this book should be amongst your reading matter. A lover of back-to-basics, I will be having a go at mead, soap and ceramics, at the very least.

At 15 USD, I regard the e-book which I have just purchased as money well spent. (Aussies: PayPal worked this out at 20 AUD.)

Also, for those interested in electrostatic machines, there is a section of the site devoted to robust and easy to build Dirod machines. (For which I find there is no Wikipedia entry.)

Something for every geek.